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Bilbao. Spain. 1966
Based in Barcelona

  Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country with a specialty in Painting.
He left this discipline in 1993 by creating a 3D Animation company oriented to architecture and advertising in which he obtained a general training in Computer Graphics.
In 1999 he moved to Barcelona where he resides. Towards 2007 he returns to Art through Drawing. In 2011 he made the first print and in 2017 he totally focused on Etching.
Since 2018, he has received several awards for his work in printmaking, such as the PILAR JUNCOSA BIENNIAL PRINTMAKING AWARD 2020 by the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca , among others.


2021 Excellence Prize (5 prizes) . 5th edition of AIMPE 2021 Awagami Miniprint. Japan

Printmaking 2nd Prize in 26th DA DUN Fine Arts Exhibition. Taichung City, Taiwan.


1st Prize. XIX Deutsche Internationale Grafik-Triennale Frenchen. Germany

  Anne and Ron Edwards Relief Prize. Cairns. Inkmasters Print Exhibition. Australia.
  Honorable Mention in Premio Bodegas Vivanco. La Rioja. Spain
2020 2nd Prize in XXI Printmaking Contest "José Caballero". Las Rozas. Madrid.
  XXIII Fine Arts Prize "SALA EL BROCENSE". Cáceres Provincial Council. Spain
  II Biennial Edition Award "Pilar Juncosa". Miró Mallorca Fundation. Spain

2nd Prize in VII International Etching Biennial of Valladolid. Spain

  1st Prize 6th OnPaperContest printmaking Award. Barcelona.
  1st Prize XXV Print Contest Joan Vilanova. Manresa. Barcelona.
2019 1st Prize V Print Award. DCCOP. Málaga. Spain
  1st Prize X Atlante Print Award. Museo del Grabado, Artes, A Coruña. Spain
  Adquisition Prize V Print Award. ALFARA GRÁFICA. Oviedo. Spain

Hideki Kimura Juror's Prize. Awagami International Mini-Print Exhibition. Japón


OPENPORTFOLIO Prize. FIG Bilbao. Spain


1st Prize 49 International Drawing Award Fundación Ynglada-Guillot. Barcelona. Ver >>



2020 "Discontinuidad" Prints & Drawings. Pigment Gallery. Barcelona
2019 Surfing the time”. Etching. Fundación CIEC. Betanzos. A Coruña
2018 Banc de temps". Prints & Drawings. Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. Barcelona
  Pendulum Action”. Performance. Arts Santa Mónica Center. Barcelona

Timeline”. Prints & Drawings. Esther Montoriol Gallery. Barcelona.

2014 "Disorder". Drawings. Alegría Gallery. Madrid..
2013 "Happy end" EATMEAT Raw Gallery. Barcelona. see>>
2011 "Local air-conditioned" Alegría Gallery. Barcelona. see>>
2008 "Tree jealous of its shadow". Sala del Aytm. Vell. Formentera.Ver>>
2007 Motivos florales”. Drawings. NIU: Artistic Space. Barcelona.
2021 - "Basquegraphía". Basque Printmaking Contest (FIG Bilbao) in The Elisabeth Collective. NY. USA
2020 - "EArt Building" College of Architects. Oviedo
  - "Plan B. A Cartographic Opportunity" Cultural Center Casa Elizalde. Barcelona
2019 - "8 Triennial Internatnl of Graphic Arts" Spanish Contemporary Printmakers. Sofia. Bulgary.
  - “Open Itinera”. Prints. Durango Museum of Art and History. Bizkaia
  - "Without a fixed course" Pol, Nor, Ingl, Esp y Méx. Horcasitas Palace in Balmaseda
  - “Shortlisted in Vila-Casas Painting Prize”. Can Framis Museum. Barcelona
  - "Delicartessen 19". Esther Montoriol Gallery. Barcelona
2018 - "Plan B. A Cartographic Opportunity" Chiquita Room Gallery. Barcelona.
  - Open Portfolio. FIG Bilbao.
  - DELICARTESSEN 17. Esther Montoriol Gallery. Barcelona

- "Gráfica Material". Roca Umbert art space. Engraving. Granollers.

  - DELICARTESSEN 16. Esther Montoriol Gallery. Barcelona

- ERÓTIKA 4! . Chez Chefo Art Gallery. Barcelona.

  - "Dibujo Contemporáneo. El muro y la lima". MA arte contemporáneo. Palma de Mallorca.
2016 - "BigBang". Sarean. Bilbao.
  -"ParadaZero". Art & Ciutat Festival in Vic.
  - "Gráfica Material". Contemporary Art and Culture engraving material. ROCA UMBERT. Granollers.
2014 - WEART FESTIVAL. Barcelona
  - "50 years Ynglada-Guillot drawing award". Espai Volart. Barcelona.
  - XXII Drawing contest Gregorio Prieto. Casa del Reloj. Madrid
2013 - ”Partners Collective”. HALFHOUSE. Barcelona2011        
2012 - XXI Drawing contest Gregorio Prieto. Casa del Reloj. Madrid
2011 - "Líbido". EATMEAT. Barcelona.
2009 - “Krudakammer”. "La Cruda"Magazine Galería SAFIA. Barcelona
  - 1st Art and Crafts Show of Formentera.
1991 - MONTESQUIU art week. Jordi Cano Workshop. Barcelona. Ver >>

- ArtOnPaper with Pigment Gallery. New York
- Alma Gráfica. International Graphic Art Fair City of Oviedo
-  FIG Bilbao with Pigment Gallery. Bilbao


-  FIG Bilbao. International Graphic Art Fair. (Solo show). Bilbao
- SWAB. With Pigment Gallery. Barcelona
- Alma Gráfica. International Graphic Art Fair City of Oviedo

2018 - FIG Bilbao. International Graphic Art Fair.. (OpenPortfolio). Bilbao
2015 - SWAB. Solo show in “Drawing Aplications”. Alegría Gallery. Barcelona
2013 - SWAB. International Contemporary Art Fair. Alegría Gallery. Barcelona
2012 - JUSTMAD3. Contemporary Art Fair. Alegría Gallery. Madrid