Water customs
  • MaterialEtching Relief
  • Dimenciones50 x70cm
volver a Etchings 2023 - 2024

This series goes from calm to storm. Humans are like that too, we are also water.

With the last 12 prints of each series, 12 folders will be edited that will contain the 5 different prints.

Series: 5 diferent plates, Edition of 30 prints each

Etching Relief. 20×32” , 2 plates,

various inks in gradient.

Somerset soft white paper 270gr
Aguafuerte en relieve. 2 matrices.

Papel: 50x76cm Mancha: 33x64cm
Edition: 30 + 3AP + 3HC

Series are in progress and have not been completed. (April 19, 2024),